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How do i know that my order went through

Each time an order goes through, Goodies will send you an email contains detail of the transaction and information about where to transfer if you used Bank Transfer

How to order?

1. Pick your favorite product

2. Upload your photo

3. Complete payment and we will deliver it for you

What are my payment option

Bank transfer (for Indonesia only), we also accept credit card payments with no extra convenience fee charged to you in all of our platform (mobile and apps)

Can i change or cancel my order?

If you have complete your payment, we will begin crafting your product. So please make sure you no longer need revision

How to check my order status?

We will send you an email for every updates related to your order. You also can login to goodies website and go to "order history" you will find all the status there.

How to confirm payment, if i use bank transfer?

You need to input your order reference code at our "Confirmed payment" pages in our website or apps, amount you have transferred and dates you make the bank transfer. Once we confirmed it, we will send you an email and proceed to crafting your products

Can I edit project in my cart?

So sorry but right now our system cant do that, every project that have been in the cart are no longer can be edited. You need to delete cart and start a new project to do that

Can I buy the wood display separately?

Unfortunately, right now we dont sell the wood display separately. We recommend you to purchase 2 wood display with 15 square photo (9x9cm) for only IDR. 89.000

When will I receive my order?

Usualy it takes 4-6 days include delivery for prints product, for photobook we need 6-8 days include delivery to prepare it. For your information our production division works from monday till saturday from 08.00 am - 07.00 pm

How much is the shipping cost?

For Jakarta Area its FREE and we intend to keep it that way :) for area besides Jakarta keep calm and follow our social media for the good news!

What to do, if my order is damaged or there is some eror in printing or binding?

Contact and send it back us right away, the limit is 7 days after you received your order, we will send you a new one for FREE and refund your delivery fee :) However if you send us back after 7days, we cant accept it anymore

What to do, if I forgot my password?

Click sign in in our website, and then click forgot password, provide us your email and we will send an email contains link to change your password

How to delete my account?

Send us an email, we will delete your account from our system

Can I re-order products that I have purchased before?

Yes you can, simply sign in to your account, click my project, select which one you want to re-order and click "re-order". We keep your project as it is, but if you want to do additional editing, you need to create a new one